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What’s The Deal With California Legal Rifles? LWRC Knows.

LWRC Does It Again!…Welcome Back California!!

LWRC is introducing a new line of California Legal AR-15 and AR-10 Rifles at the 2017 Shot show in Vegas. These guns will be under the new California Compliance Law. LWRC’s California Legal AR-15 Rifles will not be featureless rifles, they will have a full stock and grip as well as the ability to drop the mag once the rear take down pin has been disengaged.

LWRC has always been on the cutting edge of AR 15 technology. They have out done themselves yet again with the introduction of their new California Compliant AR 15 Rifles (patent pending) designs. This is their gift to the loyal California Residents that are under a almost communist approach to Gun Laws.

The LWRC California Legal features include the LWRC fully ambidextrous lower receiver. The California Legal LWRC also has controls for both bolt catch release, magazine release, and fire control. This means that both right and left-handed shooters can use this rifle to its full potential. In addition, dual controls give shooters the option of using their offhand side to accommodate barriers or injury.

Shooters can effectively manipulate the controls without having to switch hands. Despite its dramatically improved functionality, the new dual control lower receiver for the LWRC California Legal guns is compatible with all legacy AR15 pattern upper receivers.

The new California Legal Rifles from LWRCI shows that “at times, evolution takes a giant leap forward.”