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Ballistic Advantage is a manufacturer of high-end rifle barrels and other firearm components. Founded in 2008, this company is committed to making the kind of barrels required by the most demanding users. Shooters who expect, and whose lives at times depend on, a barrel that delivers consistency and accuracy, round after round, can put their trust in Ballistic barrels. Marrying superior quality and affordability, Ballistic Advantage delivers the very best money can buy at the best value. Listening to the needs and aspirations of hunters, competitive marksmen, law officers and warriors, has given Ballistic the ideas and concepts designers and engineers translate into tangible products. Results are proven in elegance of form, fit and features built into all of Ballistic Advantage products.

Being experts in AR15 and AR10 barrels, Ballistic provides quality and accuracy through precision engineering that is second to none. Whatever the situation; fighting for our country, defending family, hunting game or even target practice, shooters can count on the quality of Ballistic barrels and remain focused on the task. In addition to barrels – receivers, handguards, rails, muzzle devices and firearm parts are included in their product line.

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Xtreme Guns and Ammo, in Richmond Texas, is your one stop shop for all Ballistic Advantage Barrels and Parts. Chat with us online, or call 832-363-3783 for answers to all of your Ballistic Advantage questions and needs.

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