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AGM Rattlers, by AGM Global Vision, are compact thermal imaging scopes designed to withstand all weather and environmental conditions. Developed for 24-hour operation, three objective lens options give users the choice of a 25mm lens for short range shooting, 35mm lens for medium range or 50mm lens for long range needs.

The AGM Rattler TS25 and TS35 model riflescopes have 384X288 thermal detectors while the Rattler TS50 sports a 640X512 thermal detector. All three models offer a 0.39 inch, OLED 1024X768 monitor providing clear images even in harsh environments like darkness, fog, smoke, dust rain, snow, wood, camouflage, etc. Usable as thermal rifle scopes or handheld monoculars, they are exceptional for patrolling, hunting and many other situations.

AGM also offers the Rattler TC35-384, a compact thermal clip-on system that allows moving from day optics into thermal imaging without special tools or equipment

AGM’s Rattlers are powered with two CR123 batteries for hours of continuous operation. An external 5v battery pack can be connected via a USB connector to significantly increase operating time. Also available are onboard WI-FI modules for live video streaming and video and imaging recording .

Extreme Guns and Ammo carries the full line of AGM Night Vision and Thermal Optics. Shop Online, call the AGM Pros at 832-520-2515, or chat during regular store hours, for answers to all of your AGM Global Vision questions and needs.

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