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STI DVC Limited 2011 Pistols and Handguns On Sale

STI DVC Limited Always in Stock at the Best Price Online!

All New 2018 STI International DVC Limited Pistols: DVC Limited Island 9mm, DVC Limited Island 40 S&W, DVC Limited Island Blackout 9mm, DVC Limited Island Blackout 40 S&W,.

Check out the all new 2019 DVC Limited, designated the STI DVC L

STI DVC Limited is sure to win shooting competitions this year—question is…Will it be on your team? GO FASTER. SHOOT FLATTER. AND, UP YOUR GAME

STI DVC Limited represents the latest custom quality innovations in STI design. Performance minded slide cuts enhance slide control, minimize forward recoil, and increase cycle rate. Added slide porting on the top and sides controls muzzle jump, and blends well with the overall DVC Limited appearance.

STI’s DVC Limited 5-inch bull barrel is finished with Titanium Nitride for wear resistance and improved lubricity. Responsive handling and control is had by way of specialty texturing done by Extreme Shooters to give the shooter enhanced grip and improved ergonomics.

STI’S DVC Limited sights are designed for quick reads and can be easily adjusted.

Xtreme Guns and Ammo has the Best Price on STI’s DVC Limited Pistols. Feel free to call XGA for all your STI Gun Needs at 832-363-3783.Shop STI Guns and Pistols Online at Discounted Pricing!

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Showing all 5 results