Cobalt Kinetics BAMF EDGE

Cobalt Kinetics BAMF EDGE For Sale

Cobalt Kinetics BAMF EDGE AR 15 Rifle For Sale at the Best Price

Cobalt Kinetics BAMF EDGE is equiped with precision machined 7075 billet aluminum custom mated receiver sets and Cobalt’s one piece signature butt stock designed for optimal ergonomics. The lower receive comes with a beveled magazine well for optimal magazine loading under rapid fire scenarios.

The BAMF EDGE is outfitted with a stainless steel .223 Wylde chambered barrel with a EDGE Compensator that is guaranteed to shot sub-moa grouping. The barrel is covered by a precision machined 7075 billet aluminum free floating M-lok handguard. Low profile adjustable gas system for fine tuning gas back pressure.

EDGE’s Bolt carrier is nickel boron coated to minimize the amount of lubrication needed will making the carrier easier to clean.

The BAMF EDGE also comes with dual forward assist that doubles as a ambi bolt release. Cobalt’s BAMF EDGE also has full ambidextrous controls: ambi charging handel, ambi 57 degree safety selector, ambi extended mag release and ambi forward assist. It include cobalts high performance trigger pack.

Cobalt Kinetics BAMF EDGE in stock at the best price. Xtreme Guns and Ammo is proud to add the Cobalt Kinetics BAMF EDGE .223 Wylde AR 15 Rifles to its line up. Call us at 832-363-3783 for the best price and fast shipping.

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