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desert tech mdrx on sale

Introducing the all new 2020 Desert Tech MDRX Rifle, available in 4 Great calibers: DT MDRX 6.5 Creedmoor, DT MDRX 308 win, DT MDRX 300 Blackout and DT MDRX 5.56.

The new Desert Tech MDRX Bullpup Rifle is a enhanced version of the original MDR. This latest version of the MDR can quickly change from a close quarter 16 inch bullpup rifle to a 20 inch sniper platform. Now outfitted with a new desert tech Ratchet compensator, reducing muzzle rise to keep follow up shots on target. Also sporting a new enhanced bolt carrier and improved gas block to perform better during water testing. Featuring a enhanced trigger and higher grade of polymer to ensure maximum durability under the harshest environments. Desert tech’s MDRX has all these incredible upgrades, while reducing the over all cost of the weapon to the consumer.

Now Desert Tech MDRX Rifles are available in california compliant models, they are designated with a C at the end of the part number. Also new for 2020 is a more affordable MDRX-SE (Side Eject), built to be a direct competitor to the the IWI Tavor rifle. All MDRX Rifles are designed to be a compact future weapon, built with superior ergonomics to maximize its mobility. Built for unmatched precision and reliability, with the ability to quickly change rifle lengths and calibers to adapt to different missions. Its fully ambidextrous design allows for seamless shoulder transitions, perfect for both right and left handed shooters alike. The MDRX puts other bullpup rifles back in the stone age.

Desert Tech MDRX Rifle (Forward Eject)

Desert Tech MDRX Rifle (Side Eject)

Desert Tech MDRX Rifle (California Compliant)

Desert Tech MDRX Rifle (Conversion Kits)

Desert Tech MDRX Rifle (Chassis)

Xtreme Guns and Ammo Carries the full line of Desert Tech Rifles, Cant find what you are looking for? Feel free to call us at 832-363-3783, or chat with us online during regular chat hours. Shop More Desert Tech Rifles on Sale!

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