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Masterpiece Arms 22BA Bolt Action Rifle For Sale Online

MPA 22BA Always in Stock at the Best Price Online!

Masterpiece Arms MPA 22BA comes with CZ455 Action. The Masterpiece Arms 22BA Bolt Action Rifle is available in three calibers 22 Long Rifle, 22 Magnum and 17 HMR.

MPA 22BA is equipped with a 416RQ Stainless Steel Spencer/MPA Rifle Barrel that has been Precision Gun Drilled. Once being drilled it is reamed and honed “Pull Button Rifled”. Then it is stress relieved and hand lapped once this process is complete, it’s bore is inspected with a bore and land inspection video borescope. The final step is the barrel is pressure tested with a sheffield air gage Inspection to .0001″ on Bore and Rifle Land Variation, Chamber is indicated within .0001″ or less – to the bore of the rifle.

Masterpiece Arms MPA 22BA comes in a CZ455 Chassis Chassis System Produced by MPA from 6061 Aluminum. It’s V-Bedding System with Additional clearance for Glass Bedding Action and Straight Section of Barrel. MPA’s Buttstock comes with a Adjustable Cheek Riser, Length of Pull and Bag rider. Cerakote Finished with Multiple Colors Available, User Locate-able Barricade stop system compatible (requires purchase of rotating barricade stop) Built In Bubble Level, Thumb Notch and R.A.T. System. Shop Masterpiece Arms Rifles Online.

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