NEMO OMEN Recon 3.0

NEMO OMEN Recon 3.0 For Sale

NEMO OMEN Recon 3.0 For Sale and in Stock at the Best Price

NEMO OMEN Recon 3.0 is to be released at shot show 2017 in Vegas.

NEMO OMEN Recon 3.0 comes with many upgrades including a 18 inch Bartlein Barrel with custom NEMO chamber and profile, Titanium Take Down Pins and NEMO dual chamber muzzle brake. NEMO’s 4 position Adjustable Gas Block, NEMO Patented Recoil Reduction Carrier, MagPul PRS stock, Ambi Safety, MagPul MIAD pistol Grip, Geissele SSA-E trigger, NEMO Polymer Magazine.

18 inch Bartlein Barrel is one of the many components at work to make the 3.0 a accurate mid range range rifle. In-conjunction with their Patented Recoil Reduction system and NEMO dual chamber muzzle brake, Making it the best mid range rifle system.

NEMO OMEN Recon 3.0 300 Win Mag Rifle will have a felt recoil softer than a 308 rifle, it actually feels closer to the recoil of a 6.8 SPC Rifle making it a pleasure to shoot and it’s light weight configuration makes it easy to carry.

Making the NEMO OMEN Recon 3.0 300 Win Mag AR Rifle a obvious choice for mid range shooters and hunters alike. Also Know as the “Hog Hammer”.

Xtreme Guns and Ammo is the Largest NEMO ARMS Dealer in the Nation feel free to give us a call with any questions at 832-363-3783 or chat with us on our chat line during chat hours.

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