POF P308 SPR For Sale Online

POF-USA GEN 4 P308 SPR For Sale Online

POF P308 SPR is the next evolution of the POF-USA P308 AR 10 7.62×51 Rifle. P308 SPR includes a match grade 18.5 inch Nitride heat-treated barrel, giving you almost double barrel life of a chrome lined barrel while adding accuracy.

POF P308 SPR has there new and improved E2-chamber that is designed to eliminate chance of extraction failure, They have machined four grooves into the chamber which uses barrel back pressure to release the spent casing with assistance of the extractor.

POF P308 SPR is short-stroke gas piston AR10 Rifle, Which makes its internals stay cool no mater how many rounds you run through it. Eliminating the chance of failure to the weapon and cook off of ammunition under extreme rapid fire scenarios.

P308 SPR can shoot MOA and Sub-moa with the correct ammunition and depending on shooters ability. The P308 SPR is very light weight only weighing in at 8.4 lbs, Combined with the Gas Piston system and the triple port break. It make the P308 SPR a top choice between hunters and Long Range shooters alike.

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Showing all 8 results