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All new Proof Research Glacier is Proof’s lightest Precision Bolt Action Rifle in a hunting platform. This 5 Lb lightweight rifle is design to tackle all the challenges of hunting big game in mountainous and hilly areas. Eliminating the worry of having to add even more unnecessary weight to your next hunt. The Glacier is built to be a trophy-harvesting machine. Because of it’s light weight design, rugged durability and precise long-range accuracy. It will surely impresses even the most seasoned shooter. Proof’s Glacier lightweight and pack-friendly design is for the extreme hunter. Hunters that like to go farther, hit harder, Without compromising performance and weight.

Proof Research Glacier Rifles on Sale:

PROOF Glacier 6mm Creedmoor

PROOF Glacier 6.5 Creedmoor

PROOF Glacier 6.5 PRC