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Meet the Trijicon IR-Hunter MK2 a advanced thermal Hunting Rifle Scope that is built for one purpose. To have a successful hunt every time. Trijicon has more than 25 years of night vision system design that has led them to the user-friendly ergonomics and advanced infrared technology of the TRIJICON’s IR-HUNTER thermal weapon sights. With the IR-Hunter MK2 the only thing you have to think about is sight alignment and trigger squeeze. With IR-Hunter MK2 you can choose your perfect magnification and field of view.

Trijicon IR-Hunter MK2 is equipped with (ETR) Enhanced Target Recognition To ensure that your imagery isn’t washed out against the sky or horizon, The IR-HUNTER MK2 focuses its processing power onto your target for precisely detailed images.

Your Germanium objective front lens on the Trijicon IR-HUNTER MK2 is the most costly item on the sight that’s exposed to the elements. So Trijicon protected it with a highly transmissive, fully replaceable IR window.

The Trijicon IR-HUNTER MK2 has a electronic digital zooming system that comes standard on the IR-HUNTER. It lets you achieve numerous magnifications levels quickly. The IR-HUNTER MK2 has a advanced built-in sighting system were the reticle maintain’s a boresight.

IR-HUNTER MK2 has (DFC) also know as Digital Focus Control allows the shooter to focus his/her picture and sharpen the overall picture for extreme quality detail.

The EDGE DETECT Mode is an entirely new way to view your target with precise target recognition. The IR-HUNTER while in EDGE DETECT Mode has only a fraction of the brightness of the other modes to greatly reduce night blindness from the bright out put of the viewing screen.

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