LWRC IC BILLET SPR Always in Stock at the Best Price Online

The all new LWRC IC BILLET SPR is LWRC’s flagship SPR model which is a huge evolution over the standard LWRC IC SPR Rifle. Its Billet upper and lower receiver is machined for a stronger and tighter fit. Making the Billet SPR a more accurized AR-15 Rifle.

The LWRC IC BILLET SPR comes with LWRC’s propitiatory 1/7 twist cold hammer forged Black Nitride treated spiral fluted barrel. Its Nitride treatment increases accuracy and doubles the barrel life over a traditional chrome lined barrel. LWRCI’s BILLET SPR Barrel is 20 percent lighter than a traditional barrel, and its spiral fluting adds rigidity and has twice the cooling surface of a none fluted barrel. Its mono forged upper receiver and a fully ambidextrous lower receiver are also huge upgrades over traditional AR-15 Rifles.

Xtreme Guns and Ammo is the Nations Largest LWRCI Dealer and stocks more LWRC Rifles than any other dealer including the LWRC IC BILLET SPR. Feel free to call one of our experienced sales specialist with all your LWRC Rifle needs and Questions at 832-363-3783. Or Shop LWRC Rifles Online from the comfort of your own home.

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