Magtech 5.56 77 gr. Sierra OTM 1000 Round Case



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Magtech 5.56 77 gr. Sierra OTM (Open Tip Match)


Magtech 5.56 77 gr. Sierra OTM (Open Tip Match)

Magtech’s properly manufactured 5.56 requires detailed handling of the primers for reliable performance. This round has military grade primers with heavy cup, with properly staked and sealed primers to ensure no blown or loose primers in action.

Magtech 5.56 77 gr. Sierra OTM Features:

Manufactures item Number:556C-CASE
Projectile: Sierra 77gr MatchKing Hollow Point Boat Tail with cannelure.
77gr Sierra HPBT/OTM projectile with cannelure.
5.56 NATO annealed brass. Unpolished for visual confirmation.
Color coded (green) primer sealant for load identification.
Properly staked primer per NATO/MOPI spec.
Open Tip Match/Hollow Point Boat Tail is extremely accurate. 1/7-1/8 Twist Rate required for best performance.
Excellent terminal ballistic performance through non-hardened barriers.
Reduced risk of overpenetration.
Average velocity from 11.5” barrel (Colt Commando): 2,460 fps.
Sub MOA accuracy potential depending on firearm/optic used.
5.56 pressure per NATO/MOPI spec measured at case mouth and gas port.
Waterproof per NATO/MOPI spec at case mouth and primer pocket junctions. Color coded green for load identification.
20-50 Round Boxes

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