Staccato 9mm/.38 Super Magazine

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Staccato 9mm/.38 Magazine. 120mm, 126mms, 140mm, 170mm and 170mm



Staccato 9mm/.38 Super Magazines


Staccato 9mm/.38 Super Magazines in Stock


Staccato 2011 9mm/.38 Super Magazines are manufactured of 410 stainless steel giving them longer life, greater strength and corrosion resistance. Built specifically for Staccato 2011 style pistols and frames, when combined with the Staccato 201 frame – maximum round capacity is realized. A Gen2 Follower and the Dawson Precision Tactical Advantage Basepad are featured on all Staccato 2011 magazines.

Staccato 2011 9mm/.38 Super Magazines are available in various sizes: 120mm-16 Rounds, 126mm-17 Rounds, 140mm-20 Rounds, 170mm-26 Rounds and 170mm-26 Rounds without Sawson Aluminum Basepad.

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