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HOLOSUN 403 Red Dot Sights (HS403R, HE403R-GD, HS403C, HE403C-GR, HS403B, HE403B-GR)



The HOLOSUN 403 Red Dot sights are a great choice with AR-15s and other MSR rifles. Red Dots are the fastest way to get on target for AR shooters. Fast target acquisition and a shot that hits where you are aiming is what you need in competition shooting, plinking, home defense and hunting. The red dot is the best for close quarters to medium ranges where speed is the top priority.

HOLOSUN’s 403 sights are available in several models. HS403R (2MOA Dot/Rotary Switch), HS403B (2MOA Dot Only/Shake Awake), HS403C (Dot/Solar Failsafe/Shake Awake), HE403R-GD (Gold Circle Dot/Rotary Switch) , HE403B-GR (Green Dot/Shake Awake), HE403C-GR (Green Dot/Solar Failsafe).

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