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TRIJICON ACOG 2X20 Scopes (TA75-C-400146, TA47-C-400147, TA47-C-400148,TA47-C-400149, TA47-C-400150, TA47-C-400151, TA47-C-400152).


Trijicon ACOG 2X20

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The Trijicon ACOG 2X20 Riflescopes are best suited to firearms with limited space. The 2X20 is a top performer on the UZI, H and K or MP-5 9mm submachine guns. Equipped with a step-up in fixed magnification, increased target detection ability out to 200 meters is afforded with the illuminated reticle in any lighting condition.

Available in Amber, Green or Red colors, you can also choose a 6.9MOA Dot, 9.2MOA Triangle or the Crosshair options. Each comes with a M16/AR15 Carry Handle Base and have a Black Matte finish.

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