Dead Air Wolf 9SD


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Dead Air Wolf-9SD Centerfire Pistol Silencer/Suppressor


Dead Air Wolf 9SD

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The Dead Air Wolf 9SD is what your 9mm subgun has been lacking. Old school styling combined with new technology delivers a solid welded core built to withstand the abuse of full auto fire while continuing to deliver years of service. Silence is optimized in the long configuration or by unscrewing the removable front module you can make your subgun more compact. It is compatible with Ghost and Pyro Pistol Comp accessories. * Weight and length will vary with various attachments (piston/spring, fixed mounts, 3-lug)

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Dead Air Wolf 9SD (Specifications)

  • Manufactures Item Number: WOLF-9SD
  • Manufactures UPC Number:
  • Piston Mounts Available: 1/2X28, M13.5X1LH, 9/16X24, M14.5X1LH, .578X28, M16X1LH, M16X1RH
  • Fixed Mounts Available: 3 Lug, 1/2X28, 1/2X36, 5/8X24, M18X1, M13.5X1LH
  • Length (Full/Compact):7.58/4.1 inches
  • Weight (Full/Compact): 14.7/7.5 Ounces
  • Diameter: 1.618 inches
  • Finish: Cerakote
  • Barrel Length: No Restrictions
  • Rating: 9mm. .300BLK (Super)

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