Fusion Thermal Boarmaster

From: $3,149.00 From: $2,599.00

From: $3,149.00 From: $2,599.00

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Fusion Thermal Boarmaster 40


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The Fusion Boarmaster 40 Thermal Rifle Scope is a heat seeking powerhouse, built on proven technology, delivering optical performance miles above its class. Keeping it simple and affordable, many non-essential bells and whistles have been removed. Fusion Thermal’s benchmark performance, durability and technology are all included. Equipped with Arclight Ultra HD Germanium Lens, WAVE17 Thermal Sensor and XGEN Alloy Housing it also sports the KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid) operator’s menu in English. As simple as the Boarmaster 40 is to operate, users may never need the instructions!

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Fusion Thermal Boarmaster 40 (Features):

  • XGEN (Next Generation Alloy Body)
  • Wave17, 17 Micron 384X288 Enhanced Thermal Sensor
  • Arclight Ultra HD 40mm Geranium Lens – 50mm
  • Fast 50Hz Frame Rate
  • Nitrogen-purged
  • Compact and Lightweight, 20.1 ounces
  • 7 Reticle Options plus a No Reticle option
  • 5 Gun Profiles: Save your 0 for up to 5 guns
  • Display Resolution: Super HD OLED RGBW 3.2mm Dots
  • Silent Auto NUC Shutter
  • External Battery Outlet

Fusion Thermal Boarmaster 40 (Specifications)

  • Thermal Sensor: 382X288 VOx Uncolled (WAVE17)
  • Sensor Pixel Size: 17 micron
  • Objective Lens Diameter: 40mm Arclight
  • Frame Refresh Rate: 50Hz
  • Field of View: 492 feet at 1000 yards (2.5X optical magnification)
  • Optical Magnification: 2.5X
  • Digital Magnification: 5X and 10X
  • Display Type/Resolution: Super HD OLED RGBW/ 3.2 Million Dots
  • Color Palettes: White Hot, Black Hot, Red Hot, Rainbow
  • Reticle Design Options: 7 plus a ‘no reticle’ 8th option
  • Reticle Color Options: White, Black, Red, Green, Blue
  • Gun Profiles: Save up to 5 different zeros
  • Detection Range: Up to 1500 Yards
  • Cold Start up Time: 6 Seconds
  • Power Save Start up Time: Instant
  • Auto Shutdown
  • On Board Photo and Video Recording
  • Video Output: Via USB-C port
  • Battery: CR123A 3V or 3.7V Rechargeable
  • Battery Life: 4 hours
  • External Power Supply: Via USB-C port
  • Recoil Rating: 300 Win Mag
  • Nitrogen Purged
  • Front Lens Housing Outside Diameter: 49.7mm
  • Length: 6.5 inches
  • Weight: 18.3 ounces

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