Trijicon IR-Hunter MK3 60MM


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Trijicon IR-Hunter MK3 60MM Thermal Hunting Riflescope (640×480)



Trijicon IR-Hunter MK3 60MM

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The Trijicon IR-Hunter MK3 60MM has been designed and built by a team of shooters that has been delivering great thermal sights, industry-wide, for 20 years. They passionately demand reliability and precision from their optics when putting rounds down range no matter the weather conditions, nor the time of day. This drive and commitment led them to make the best possible thermal scope for the price!

Hot on the heels of the highly successful IR Hunter comes the Trijicon IR-Hunter MK3 60MM. Available in high resolution 640×480, the Mark III offers a plethora of features sure to be appreciated by both the professional end user and civilian hunter/enthusiast alike. The upgraded MicroIR Sensor features impressive 12µm Micron Technology that uses less power than the previous 17µm systems. Plus, the new 12µm sensor delivers 35% more magnification than a 17µm system. This new sensor is combined with a MILSPEC Emagin OLED micro display that delivers a super crisp image to the end user!

Video in the Trijicon IR-Hunter MK3 60MM runs at a blazing fast 60Hz frame rate, allowing for easier target leading. The Mk II retains all the same features and ergonomics of the original versions, producing a compact, sleek scope. You should find comfort operating the IR Hunter’s Turret Knob controls as they are located where you expect them to be, same as your day optics. Button controls are nice; but in the dark, downrange, under fire, your natural instincts will appreciate the IR Hunter Mark III’s similarity to your day sight. They have also incorporated an advanced lens and EZ calibration system to reduce operator error and increase successful shooting.

The Trijicon IR-Hunter MK3 60MM uses its processing power to deliver precision sighting reticles. These reticles scale as you zoom the same as a first focal plane reticle does on a high end rifle scope! Each Trijicon IR-HUNTER MK3 60mm comes programed with three different reticles for the shooter to choose from: Thermal Combat Reticle (TCR), Thermal Dot Reticle (TDR), and Thermal Subtension Reticle (TSR).

Another interesting feature found in the IR Hunter Mk III is Enhanced Target Recognition (ETR). Thermal systems work very well at night, but there are situations where they have difficulty. When the horizon or sky is behind a target is one of the classic examples of this. With the ETR mode, the entire gain settings for the thermal sensor are applied to the target area inside the yellow box, giving you a perfect image inside the ETR window. The IR Hunter has a unique system for focusing the DFC Digital Focus Control feature. This allows you to focus the system and its image enhancing processing, it takes your normal thermal image to the nest level; making a 320×240 look like a 640×480 system.

Finally, the Trijicon IR-Hunter MK3 60MM features the ability to act as either a stand alone thermal weapon sight or a clip on thermal weapon sight. Clip On capability is right out of the box with no accessory required on a selection of 1x, 1-4x, and 1-6x day optics. Shop more Trijicon Electro-Optics Thermal Scopes at Huge Discount Pricing!


Trijicon IR-Hunter MK3 60MM Features




Trijicon IR-Hunter MK3 60MM Secifications


  • Manufactures Item Number: IRMK3-60
  • UPC: 719307800717
  • SENSOR TYPE: Uncooled VOx (Vanadium Oxide)
  • SENSOR PITCH: 12 Micron
  • FRAME RATE: 60 Hz with a 30 Hz Power Save Mode
  • SPECTRAL RESPONSE: 8 – 12 Microns
  • DISPLAY RESOLUTION: 640×480 pixels
  • BASIC FEATURES: E-Zoom, Polarity (optional color)
  • ADVANCED FEATURES: DCE—Digital Contrast Enhancement, ETR—Enhanced Target Recognition, RANGE FINDER – Stadiametric
  • START-UP TIME: Approx. 5 Seconds
  • VIDEO OUTPUT: Analog RS-170 (with Optional Cable)
  • BATTERY TYPE: 3 x CR123
  • BATTERY LIFE: 3.5 Hours @ 60 Hz, 5 Hours @ 30 Hz
  • WEAPON MOUNT: Dual Lever
  • RETICLE: Simple and Complex Reticles, Digital Read-Outs, 4 Save Locations
  • WEIGHT: 37 oz (1050g)
  • DIMENSIONS: 4.5x Model 7.6″ L x 3.1″ H x 3.3″ W
  • DIOPTER: -6 / +2
  • EYE RELIEF: 27mm
  • ENVIRONMENTAL:-40c to +55c Operating, -45c to +75c Storage

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