DESERT TECH HTI Rifle and DESERT TECH HTI Conversion Kits in Stock

DESERT TECH HTI (HARD TARGET INTERDICTION) Rifle was designed and created for a specific military customer that requested extreme long range accuracy with lethal penetration. The DT HTI changes easily between multiple big-bore calibers of Your choice. DESERT TECH’s HTI is accurate to 2000 plus yards with any of its calibers offered, making it a very versatile Long Range Sniper Rifle Platform. DESERT TECH’s HTI has great stopping power for light-skinned vehicles or for performing extended long range shots. DT HTI provides extreme long range capabilities in the most compact, accurate and convertible package avaliable on the market today.

DESERT TECH’s HTI Rifle line up include: DT HTI .375 CT, DT HTI .408 CT, DT HTI .416 Barret, DT HTI .50 BMG. Xtreme Guns and Ammo carries the full line of desert tech rifles in stock at all times. Feel free to give XGA in Richmond Texas a call on all your Desert Tech Rifle needs at 832-363-3783 or chat with us on our chat line during chat hours.

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Showing all 8 results