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Staccato 2011 Always in Stock at the Best Price!

Staccato 2011 makes the best 2011 Pistol on the market today, with unsurpassed quality, craftmanship and attention to detail, a true custom start to finish. Staccato Pistols are built to be flat shooting, ergonomic and extremely accurate. Staccato is Know for its unsurpassed reliability, and is trusted by many law enforcement agencies, competitive shooters and recreational shooters world wide. Staccato was formally STI Guns, located in George Town TX. They specialized in hand built custom 2011 race guns that dominated the competition scene for over 25 years. Now due to exponential growth, STI rebranded as Staccato and now sits on a new 800 Acre, state of the art facility in Florence Texas.

Browse for your next Staccato 2011, from the largest inventory of Staccato Pistols under one roof at the #1 Staccato Dealer, Xtreme Guns and Ammo in Texas. Shop Staccato’s all new 2024 Product line up; Staccato C, Staccato CS, Staccato C2, Staccato P, Staccato XL, Staccato XC and Staccato JW3 Combat Master Box Set. We also have 2011 Staccato Optics Combos and Staccato/STI Magazines.



Staccato 2011 – XL VS XC

Staccato 2011 has 2 flagship 2011 Race Guns For 2023, the first is the Staccato XC. This 2011 XC is the new and improved version of STI Guns original DVC P. Coming only in 9mm with a 5 inch Island compensated barrel and optics cut for your favorite optic. Finished in all black DLC and outfitted with a perfectly tuned 2.5 lb trigger. Second is the Staccato XL which replaced the tried and true DVC 3 Gun and the limited edition STI Combat Master. The Staccato XL added a optics cut to mount your favorite optic and improved serrations. It also features the longest barrel available on a their 2011 pistol line. Fitted with a 5.4 or the new 6 inch threaded precision match bull barrel. Also a perfectly tuned 2.5 lb trigger, Fiber optic front sight and T.A.S II Rear sight. Available in 9mm or 40 S&W, and 2 finish options all Black DLC with DLC Barrel or all Black DLC with stainless barrel. Furthermore the Staccato XL Threaded Barrel pistol is only available in 9mm.

Staccato 2011 – C, C2 VS CS

The Staccato 2011 C, Staccato CS and Staccato C2 Optics Ready carry pistols are the three double stack 2011 carry pistols in Staccato's 2024 Pistol line up. All three are designed light and compact for everyday carry, The Staccato C and CS features a smaller frame and grip module for shooters with smaller hands. Furthermore, they all are optics cut for your favorite optic like, the RMRCC, RMR, SRO, Delta Point Pro, Holosun 509,508T/507C,407C and other compact optics. Also, every carry model comes with fiber optic front sight and removable rear optics sight plate. Staccato C comes with a 4 inch barrel, CS with a 3.5 inch barrel,while the C2 comes with a 3.9 inch barrel. Their C2 can also be ordered with a 4.5 inch threaded barrel, perfect for your favorite suppressor or comp. Still not enough? Do you want the best of the best in a carry pistol? If so the Staccato C2 limited Comp is the perfect choice. Staccato C2 limited edition pistol has all the options, X Series Cuts, 4.5 inch Threaded DLC Barrel, ICE COMP, 2.5 Lb Trigger, TAC Texture Grips and is optics ready!

Staccato 2011 P, Built For Duty

Built to protect and serve, the Staccato 2011 P double stack pistols are designed for law enforcement, military and our protectors of freedom. The Staccato P is available in two sight configurations, standard iron sight or the Staccato P DPO Optics Ready model. Both P models come with a 4 lb trigger perfect for duty. Furthermore the P can be ordered with a 4.4 inch bull barrel or a 5 inch threaded bull barrel to accommodate a suppressor or compensator. Still not enough? Do you want the best of the best? If so the Staccato P limited Comp is the perfect choice. The limited edition pistol has all the options, X Series Cuts, 5 inch Threaded DLC Barrel, ICE COMP, 2.5 Lb Trigger, TAC Texture Grips and is optics ready!

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