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LWRC Rifles by LWRC International, are the best AR 15 Rifle on the market today. The LWRC AR 15 Rifle’s gas piston system is designed for unmatched reliability, accuracy and built to run in the most grueling environmental conditions imaginable. LWRCi torture test their gas piston AR 15 Rifles more than any other AR Platform on the planet. This guarantees the best possible product to the consumer. It is also why, LWRC is trusted by the Military, law enforcement agencies, private contractors and civilian shooters world wide.

Browse from the largest in Stock selection of LWRC Rifles by LWRC International, LLC on Sale at Xtreme Guns and Ammo: LWRC IC 9, LWRC Razorback Pistol (Limited Edition), LWRC IC A5, LWRC OTG IC A5 Limited Edition, LWRC IC A5 Pistol, LWRC IC A5 300 Blackout, LWRC IC SPR, LWRC IC Enhanced, LWRC IC A2, LWRC IC DI, LWRC IC DI Pistol, LWRC IC DI 350 Legend, LWRC IC-DI MK II Target, LWRC IC DI Competition, LWRC IC PSD, LWRC IC PSD Pistol, LWRC IC PDW, LWRC TRICON, LWRC SIX8 UCIW, LWRC SIX8 A5, LWRC SIX8 A5 Pistol, LWRC SIX8 SPR, LWRC REPR, LWRC Spiral Fluted Repr, LWRC SMG 45, LWRC SMG 45 Pistol, LWRC SMG 9, LWRC CSASS, LWRC REPR MKII SC, LWRC REPR MK-II, LWRC REPR MK-II Pistol, LWRC REPR MK-II 6.5 Creedmoor.

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LWRC Rifles also make the Best DI AR 15 Rifle on the market, Their DI (Direct Impingement) series rifles comes in at a price that smokes the competition. It comes with many upgrades over the competition, like the cold hammer forged spiral fluted barrel, one piece nickel boron coated bolt and LWRC's mono forged upper just to name a few. No matter if your looking for a LWRCi Gas Piston AR 15 Rifle or the LWRCi Direct impingement AR 15 Rifle, Xtreme Guns and Ammo is your one stop shop for all LWRC International Rifles.

Find LWRC Rifles on Sale at Huge Discounted Pricing Online, at Xtreme Guns and Ammo in Tx, you can also call us at 832-363-3783 for the best price on any LWRC AR 15 Rifles. Xtreme Guns and Ammo has the biggest in-stock selection of LWRC International AR 15 Rifles.