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VKTR VK-1 Gas Piston AR 15 Rifles for Sale

VKTR VK-1 AR 15 Piston Driven Rifles Always in Stock

All new VKTR Industries VK-1 Piston Driven AR 15 Platform, a high tech, cutting edge short stroke gas piston AR Rifle. Featuring a low profile piston design with optimal gas port sizing and improved piston components for optimal efficiency. The VK-1 Rifle is a collaboration between the founder of VKTR-Industries Dave Rybacki and the original creator of LWRC AR 15 gas piston rifle, Paul Leitner Wise, Also Know as Leitner Wise Rifle Company, (LWRC).

The VKTR Industries VK-1 Rifle has many new upgrades to add to an already great platform. First off, this VK-1 Piston driven rifle comes outfitted with a removable full M-LOK rail. You simple loosen the allen screw at the base of the M-LOK handguard, once removed you can access the gas piston components for cleaning or service. Its barrel is cold hammer forged and is beefed up between the barrel extension and gas block. The nitride treated barrel has straight flutes between the barrel extension and gas block, this provides rapid cooling of the chamber, while maintaining barrel rigidity. Its improved gas piston system is self regulating, no need for a adjustable gas block. Furthermore, the gas block is removable via its detent pin, the gas block is custom fitted and honed to ensure perfect fitment. Simply pull the detent pin, once the detent pin is removed pull the gas block off, then the one piece gas piston rod spring and spring cup can be removed.

VKTR Industries VK-1 AR 15 Series rifles comes with a thin dense chrome plated one piece bolt carrier, to ensure ultimate strength and reliability. Not like traditional bolt carriers that have a gas key with staked screws, that could sheer off and fail. It’s lower receiver is a fully ambidextrous forged lower, featuring low profile billet machined controls and a patented machined magazine release.