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The Glock Pistol is a short, recoil-operated, locked-breeched, semi-automatic pistol built on a polymer frame. Introduced into the market in 1982 by a Austrian manufacturer called Glock. It was soon hailed as the top performer in reliability and safety. Glock was created for the Austrian military to fill their need for a durable combat handgun. Since then, Glock handguns have become a fan-favorite among civilian and professional shooters alike.

Glock offers pistols in over 50 sizes, calibers and styles. Each model is designed and engineered to specific customer needs. The promise of safety, reliability and simple operation comes with every Glock model. Compact models are slightly reduced in size and have a smaller magazine capacity. Law Enforcement issues compact models to officers with smaller hands, and the compacts are popular for concealed carry. Naval Special Warfare Command recently made the decision to add the Glock 19 to the available inventory of the SEAL Teams.

Xtreme Guns and Ammo is one of the nation’s top, Glock Firearms Dealers. XGA carries a huge inventory of Glock Pistols and Magazines in Stock and on Sale. Feel free to call 832-363-3783, or chat with us online, for answers to all of your Glock questions and needs.

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