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Heckler and Koch has been a leading designer and manufacturer of light weapons and small arms for law enforcement and military forces worldwide for over half a century. HK’s reputation for quality, innovation and safety make them a recognized leader in developing technologically advanced products. These accomplishments put HK’s brand at the top of the list for sporting and commercial markets. The long-term durability of all HK products make them extremely cost-effective under the total life cycle cost analysis. It’s easy to see why HK’s vision – “To be the world’s premier small arms system company” – is indeed true!

Given the outstanding progress made in the small firearms market by HK, the options available in their small arms line is outstanding. There is truly a model for every want and need.

Xtreme Guns and Ammo Carries the full line of HK firearm in Stock and on Sale. Cant find what you are looking for? Feel free to call us at 832-520-2515, or chat with us online during regular chat hours.

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