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Guide Sensmart Thermal For Sale

Guide Sensmart Thermal Scopes, Thermal Monoculars and Thermal Binoculars For Sale Online

Guide Sensmart Thermal Always in Stock at The Best Price Online!

Guide Sensmart Thermal Scopes, Thermal Binoculars and Thermal Monoculars are designed and manufactured to be one of clearest thermal Optics on the market today. Guide-Sensmart’s flagship thermal optics, uses their own 640×480 Thermal Core and 1024X768 HD Display which provides super crisp image detail and contrast. Sensmart is the second largest thermal core manufacture in the world, all their thermal cores come with a 10 Year warranty and 5 year warranty on their thermal unit itself. This is the best warranty in the business, no other thermal optics manufacture offers this long of coverage. Furthermore, since they produce their own thermal cores, they are about 1000 dollars less than the competition for the same resolution core. They offer two types of thermal scopes, their TU and TR Series. The TU Series Thermal Scope looks like a traditional style scope, and is offered in a LRF (Laser Range Finder Model). It also uses standard style scope rings or mounts. Perfect for traditional style bolt action rifles and AR’s looking for more eye relief. Their TR Series Thermal Scope’s are more compact and offer a option clip on LRF Unit, This S600LRF is perfect for people that decide to add a LRF latter or at the time of purchase. The optional S600LRF LRF clip on has a 600 yard detection range. Both units offer rechargeable batteries, internal recording and screen mirroring with their app. All TU Thermal Scope uses a internal battery and external proprietary battery, while the TR uses a standard 1650 style rechargeable battery.

Guide Sensmart Thermal Monocular’s come in two models, their Flagship TK Gen 2 and the TD Gen 2 Thermal Monocular. The TK Gen 2 Models have a High definition 1280X960 FLCOS Display, 640X480 or 400X300 Thermal Core and 2 built in 18650 rechargeable batteries. Their TD Gen 2 Series monocular comes with a 640X400 AMOLE display and 640X480 or 384X288 thermal core. It also has one removable rechargeable 18650 battery. Furthermore, it comes in a optional LRF model as well.

The Guide Sensmart TN Thermal Binoculars come in two thermal cores, their High resolution 640X480 and mid resolution 400X300 thermal core, both with super fast 50 Hz refresh rate. Both the high and mid resolution Thermal Binoculars come with a high definition 1024X768 AMOLED Display for ultra crisp imaging and super defined contrast. It’s LRF on the 640 core models have a detection range of 1500 meters and their 400 core models have a 1000 meters detection range. Their Flagship TN LRF Series Thermal Binoculars in 640×480 are available in either a 50MM or 35MM objective lenses, the 50MM has a 2000 Meter Detection range and the 35MM has a 1400 Meter detection range. Furthermore, their mid resolution TN LRF Series Thermal Binoculars with 400×300 thermal core, also come in either a 50MM or 35MM objective lenses. Their 50MM has a 1400 Meter Detection range and the 35MM has a 1000 Meter detection range.

Xtreme Guns and Ammo carries the full line of Guide Sensmart Thermal Optics. Shop Online or call the Guide-Sensmart experts at 832-363-3783, you can also chat with us during regular store hours, for answers to all of your thermal optics questions and needs.