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Phoenix Trinity 2011 Pistols For Sale Online

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All new 2023 Phoenix Trinity 2011 Pistol line up includes: Phoenix H Series, Phoenix Morph and the Phoenix Honcho. Every Phoenix 2011 Pistol in this line up comes standard with their patented link-less barrel system. The link-less barrel system eliminates the barrel lugs and barrel link. The Phoenix 2011 uses a barrel locking block, this ensures a more precise barrel fitment and eliminates premature vertical barrel wear. Also take down is much easier with its 2 piece guide rod, no lining up the barrel link and no paper clip needed. It’s barrel, front sight and sight block are precision machined out of one piece of steel. This makes there barrel system as strong as possible and requires no Loctite. It also eliminates the weak point where the barrel is traditional threaded into the front sight block.

The Phoenix Trinity H Series 2011 Pistols consist of three models, their Phoenix H-Tac, Phoenix H-Pro and the Phoenix H-Duty. All three 2011 H Series pistols are built exactly the same, with only a few minor differences. Their flagship model is the Phoenix H-Pro, it comes with a island compensated barrel and a full CNC aluminum grip with CNC machined texture. Their Phoenix H-Tac also has the Island Compensated barrel and CNC machined aluminum grip but with precision cut grip tape texture inserts. Last in the line is the Phoenix H-Duty, Its has a none compensated Island Barrel and CNC Machined aluminum Grips with grip tape inserts.

Their Phoenix Trinity Morph Series 2011 Pistols consist of two models, The Phoenix Morph Switch and Phoenix Morph 1776. The Morph EDC pistols are designed to quickly change calibers or barrels types. Available Morph calibers are 9mm, 40 S&W and 10MM. Available Morph barrel options include their Bull Barrel, Threaded Bull Barrel and a Island Compensated Bull Barrel. All Phoenix Morph pistols come with CNC machined aluminum grips.

Last But Not least is the Phoenix Trinity Honcho Series 2011 Race Guns these are 100% Competition Ready and can be configured in about almost any configuration. You can order the Honcho in the 3 port open series, 2 port steel for major power factor ammunition, or the single port island comp to shoot factory loaded ammunition. The 2011 Honcho can also be ordered in 9mm, 40S&W and 38SC. Lead times on these pistols start around a year.

Xtreme Guns and Ammo carries the complete line of Phoenix Trinity Firearms in stock and on sale at all times. Shop online 24/7, chat with the Phoenix 2011 Pros during regular store hours, or call 832-363-3783 for answers to all of your Phoenix Trinity questions and needs.