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The new Typhoon Defense Semi-Auto Shotgun line up includes four models. Typhoon’s Typhoon X12 Shotgun, Typhoon F12 Shotgun, Typhoon Quake MPX and Typhoon Phoenix FPX. Both the X12 and F12 are mag fed semi-auto shotguns that will except the all new BRM 20 Rd Battle Drum. The typhoon Quake and Typhoon Phoenix are traditional tube fed designs. All four are super reliable and perfect for any tactical situation. Designed for 3 Gun, self defense, Hunting or just plane fun! You will not find a better quality shotgun even close to the price of any Typhoon Shotgun. Having a long family history in the firearms manufacturing. They are known for their exceptional product quality and attention to detail. Manufactured in Turkey and imported into the US. Don’t worry they have a US Based service center. Carrying parts, accessories and carrying out any service/warranty related issues.

Typhoon Defense – Quake MPX Shotguns on Sale

The Typhoon Defense Quake MPX Semi-Auto Shotgun is the latest edition to the 2022 Typhoon Shotgun Line up. Looking alot like the Benelli M4 Tactical, it took years in development with every attention detail. It has a billet receiver set and side charger. Coming with a 5+1 Magazine tube and four benelli style chokes. There are two stock options available, a fixed pistol grip or the upgraded adjustable telescoping stock. The fixed pistol grip is Perfect for compliant states. For sure, once you hold a Typhoon Quake Shotgun, you will feel its exceptional craftsmanship and build quality.

Typhoon Defense – Phoenix FPX Shotguns on Sale

Introducing the all-new 2022 Typhoon Phoenix FPX gas operated semi-auto shotgun. The Typhoon FPX comes in a short 18.5 inch tactical model and the longer hunting 26 inch version. Typhoon’s FPX Shotguns cover the need for both hunting or self-defense scenarios. Coming in three colors to choose from Black, OD Green, or FDE. Both models come with four benelli style chokes and adjustable shims for length of pull adjustment. Also equipped with front and rear sling mounts.

Typhoon Defense – F12 Shotguns on Sale:

The Typhoon Defense F12 12 Gauge AR Style semi-auto shotgun put typhoon on the map. Typhoon’s F12 and X12 are the only AR-15 Style Shotguns in their line that accept mags and the new BRM Battle Drum. Both models Includes 3 Metal 5 Round Magazines, Sling and 3 Chokes. The Typhoon F12 is their Flagship shotgun, Featuring all aluminum receiver and rail. While the X12 is the polymer low budget model, The F12 out sells the X12 one hundred to one. Both models are perfect for tactical situations, Home defense, Hunting, 3 Gun Competition and Sport Shooting!

Typhoon Defense – F12 20 Rd Drum on Sale:

Xtreme Guns and Ammo in Richmond Texas carries the full line of Typhoon Shotguns in stock at all times. Feel free to call Xtreme Guns at 832-743-6839 or chat with us during standard chat hours Online. Shop more Typhoon Tactical Shotguns Online at Discounted Pricing!