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HOLOSUN 508T Reflex Red Dot Sight (HE508T-GR-X2, HE508T-RD-X2)



The HOLOSUN 508T Reflex Red Dot series gives you a big bang for your buck! Features start with an open frame for a great sight picture inside indestructible Titanium housing. Version 2 (V2) optics provide larger brightness controls and a side access battery tray, allowing a battery change without un-mounting the sight. Pistol sized optics running on a single 10 year battery, backed up with the Solar Failsafe system, is standard.

HOLOSUN’S MRS technology allows switching the reticle between a 32 MOA circle with 2 MOA dot, a 2 MOA dot only, or a 32 MOA ring only, with the push of a button. The unique Shake Awake feature is included to turn the sight on with movement and off with lack of movement also providing last setting recall. You have a choice of red dot or green dot technology in the 508. Lots of good things is one small package!

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