AERO Precision Threaded Roll Pin


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Aero Precision Threaded Roll Pin


Aero Precision Threaded Roll Pin For Sale

Aero Precision Threaded Roll Pin For Sale Online

Aero Precision Threaded Roll Pin in Stock at the Best Price

Aero Precision’s Threaded Roll Pin has many applications. Uses for this little part include the bolt catch on Aero Precision M5 Lower Receivers and for the forward asist on Aero’s Upper Receivers. Machined of Stainless Steel it has a 6-32 thread pitch and can be installed with a 1/16 inch Hex Key Wrench. Aero Precision’s M4E1 and M5E1 Enhanced Uppers, M4E1 Threaded Uppers, M5 Upper Receivers and M5 Lower Receivers include this part when purchased, there is no need to purchase separately. This is a replacement part for lost or damaged threaded roll pins.

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Aero Precision Threaded Roll Pin is compatible with:

  • Aero Precision M4E1 Enhanced Uppers
  • Aero Precision M4E1 Threaded Uppers
  • Aero Precision M5E1 Enhanced Uppers
  • Aero Precision M5E1 Threaded Uppers
  • Aero Precision M5 Lowers

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