AERO Precision Adjustable Gas Block


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AERO Precision Adjustable Gas Block. .625, .750 available.


AERO Precision Adjustable Gas Block For Sale Online

AERO Precision Adjustable Gas Block in Stock at the Best Price

AERO Precision’s Adjustable Gas Block is the newest addition to their gas systems for AR15 rifles and pistols. Shooters looking to use suppressors, or to adjust for varying loads, that may not work with a standard gas block, will be happy with this new gas block. Aero created this low profile adjustable gas block to allow mounting on any AR platform with a free floated barrel system.

<p/Aero Precision's low-profile design on the Adjustable Gas Block provides great fit under slim profile, free float, handguards. The custom machined, stainless steel adjustment screw is held in place by a spring and detent and provides 15 gas adjustment settings. Repeatable audible clicks remove the need for secondary set screws that may come loose with recoil. To prevent carbon locking, carbon fouling is channeled to a sacrificial chamber. In the event carbon locking does occur, the design allows for service and cleaning of the gas system.

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Aero Precision Adjustable Gas Block Features:

  • Material: 4140 hardened steel
  • Finish: Nitride
  • Two versions: compatible with barrels utilizing a .750 or a .625 gas block journal.
  • Set Screws: Steel 10-32 X 3/16 Knurled Cup Point
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Included: Assembled adjustable gas block, one 6 inch 3/32 adjustment wrench for easy gas block adjustment underneath installed handguard, replacement spring and detent included.

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