Dead Air Odessa 9


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Dead Air Odessa 9 Centerfire Pistol Silencer/Suppressor


Dead Air Odessa 9

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The Dead Air Odessa 9 tackles several problems with one product. You no longer have to choose between silencing your handgun, an optimal sight picture and having ultimate maneuverability. Featuring a 1.1 inch tube, the Odessa 9 lets you fully utilize your stock sights being almost as small as our Mask. In addition, it is fully modular and can be shot in 11 configurations (12 if you choose no baffles). Stacking only four baffles you will be close, or below, hearing safe levels using subsonic ammunition. Stacking all 11 baffles you are just shy of 122db with HUSH subsonic ammo. How much easier can your suppressed handgun life get? The Odessa is compatible with legacy pistons like those from Silencerco and Rugged Suppressors.

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Dead Air Odessa 9 (Specifications)

  • Manufactures Item Number: ODESSA-9
  • Manufactures UPC Number: 810042340053
  • Piston Mounts Available: 1/2X28, M13.5X1LH
  • Fixed Mounts Available: 1/2X28, M13.5X1LH
  • Length (With Piston / Without):8.59 / 8.5 inches
  • Weight (With Piston & Spring / Without): 10.6 / 8.75 Ounces
  • Diameter: 1.1 inches
  • Finish: Black Nitride
  • Barrel Length: No Restrictions
  • Rating: 22LR, 22MAG, 17HMR, 5.7X28MM (FNH), 32 AUTO, 380 AUTO, 9MM

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