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Proof Research Rifles, started out as high end custom rifle builder with only one goal, to create a ultra-lightweight world-class Precision Bolt Action Rifle systems and set a new standard of quality within this Precision Rifle industry. Building from foundation up, they brought together the finest minds and innovators in the industry to create a Rifle system that is lighter, stronger and more accurate than anything else available on the market today. From combining Proof Researches carbon fiber barrels and custom hand-laid carbon fiber and Kevlar composite stocks with custom actions and the best components available on the market, They are building rifle systems that impress even the most seasoned veteran shooter.

Proof Research Rifles Line up include: Proof Switch Rifle, Proof Summit Rifle, Proof Terminus Rifle, Proof Tac II Rifle. Proof Research compromise’s nothing to ensure that they produce the highest quality Rifle System that performs flawlessly shot after shot and under the harshest conditions that can be dished out. Proof Research Rifles are extremely accurate, durable and light-weight, no other rifle manufacturer or custom rifle builder can offer what they do.

Showing 1–16 of 27 results

Showing 1–16 of 27 results