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The Benchmade Balisong or Butterfly Knife originated from the Philippines, it was primarily used for self defense and as a utility Knife. Butterfly Knives have two handles that counter rotate around the tang so when completely closed the blade is concealed and safe to carry. Today the Bolisong Knife is most commonly used for competition and recreational flipping. Bench made also makes Balisong training knives or better know as dummy knives. This is the safest way to learn flipping.

Because of popular demand, The Benchmade Bolisong knife comes in many models and flavors to choose. Xtreme Guns and ammo Stocks the full line of Balisong Knives. Feel free to call us at 832-363-3783 or Chat with us online during regular caht hours. Shop More Benchmade Knives Online!

Benchmade Balisong Butterfly Knives on Sale

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