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All HOLOSUN Lasers are high performance laser sights built for personal and professional use. The 111 and 112 laser series are dedicated for pistols, while the 117, 221, 321 and 420 series are for rifles. Many, however, can be used on the firearm of choice.

The HOLOSUN Lasers are Lightweight, streamlined with titanium frames and are water resistant for outdoor use. Push button controls minimize obstruction of vision. Linear windage and elevation adjustments, along with a coaxial laser mechanism, are invaluable. With many models offered, each one has its unique features. Most are available in your choice of laser color. Be sure to shop all of the HOLOSUN Laser products before you choose the one for you.

Can’t find the HOLOSUN Laser or illuminator your looking for? Feel free to call one of our experience Optic specialist at 832-743-6839 or Shop more HOLOSUN Optics Online

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Showing all 5 results