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With Leupold’s RX Rangefinders you will never second guess the distance of a shot. It is always important to know the exact distance to your target. RX Rangefinders give you a reading that’s not just ‘close’ it’s dead on! A built-in inclinometer with True Ballistic Range (TBR) technology calculates the ballistic range to your target and displays it accounting for incline, range to target and ballistics information.

Leupold’s RX Rangefinder engines are equipped with Digitally eNhanced Accuracy (DNA) that delivers increased accuracy, speed and range. Several other features work together to keep you spot on in the field. Advanced OLED technology allows the user to match display intensity for light conditions. A Fast-Focus eyepiece allows for quick adjustments in the field and the quick set menu provides one-handed controls. Leupold offers a choice of three reticles: Plus Point, Duplex and Duplex with Plus Point and RX Rangefinders are powered by a CR2 lithium camera battery with a convenient battery power indicator. All these Leupold’s RX Rangefinder features, and more, will give you the information to take your shot and hit your target without fail!

Leupold RX Rangefinder Features:

  • 6X Magnifications
  • Advanced OLED Technology
  • Built In Inclinometer
  • CR2 Lithium Battery
  • Clicking Fast Focus (RX)
  • DNA (Digitally eNhanced Accuracy)
  • Fully Multi-coated
  • High Performance Optics
  • Line of Sight Distance
  • Quick Set Menu
  • Scan Mode
  • Trig – Displays True Cosine and True Sine based on Trigonometry and the Line of Sight Distance
  • Trophy Scale
  • True Ballistic Range (TBR)
  • Three Reticles to Choose From on some models

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