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Leupold SX-5 Santiam Spotting Scopes





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Leupold SX-5 Santiam Spotting Scopes For Sale

Leupold SX-5 Santiam Scopes For Sale Online

Leupold SX-5 Santiam Spotting Scopes in Stock at the Best Price!

Leupold SX-5 Santiam Spotting Scopes were designed with only performance at the highest level and the toughest conditions in mind. The SX-5 Santiam HD epitomizes relentless performance. You see more in less light with the Twilight Max HD Light Management System.

Never underestimate the importance of a high-quality spotting scope. A good spotter makes the difference between tagging out or going home empty-handed. A good spotter can mean your best or dropping valuable second in a shooting competition. If you can’t find it – you can’t shoot it! Designed, machined and assembled in the United States, you can count on a Leupold to get the job done right the first time.

Outstanding quality has made Leupold’s Spotting Scopes the choice of the U.S. Army’s new sniper system, the XM110. Power and clarity of the optics is combined with ruggedness and waterproofing to make this spotting scopes perfect for all uses. Generous eye relief, a wide field of view and high magnification enable the users to take in every detail. Outstanding lens quality provides true colors and the digital camera compatible eyepiece, on some models, makes Digi scoping easy.

    Let our knowledgeable staff help you find the perfect Leupold Optic. Shop and browse our large in stock selection of Leupold Rifle Scopes at discounted pricing. Always Feel free to call Xtreme Guns and Ammo in Texas on all your Leupold Scope questions at 832-363-3783. Chat with us online at your convenience.

    Leupold SX-5 Santiam Spotting Sights on Sale:

  • SX-5 Santiam 27-55X80 HD Angled
  • SX-5 Santiam 27-55X80 HD Straight