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Leupold VX-5HD





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Leupold VX-5HD Rifle Scopes For Sale Online

Leupold VX-5HD Rifle Scopes in Stock at the Best Price

The Leupold VX-5HD has been named “Optic of the Year” by the editors of Guns & Ammo magazine. This series is the definition of versatility. Hunters and shooters have a wide magnification range with the ability to adapt to any environment. Built for the toughest lighting condition, the Twilight Max HD Light Management System is superior to any other. High-definition lenses and extended low-light performance make the most of every second.

Leupold’s VX-5HD Rifle Scopes give you accuracy and additional elevation at hand with the two-turn CDS ZeroLock dials. These optics have everything you need and nothing you don’t, perfect for the places you can only take the essentials. This rugged, 5:1 rifle scope is the lightest in its class and will never slow you down.

    Let our knowledgeable staff help you find the perfect Leupold Optic. Shop and browse our large in stock selection of Leupold Rifle Scopes at discounted pricing. Always Feel free to call Xtreme Guns and Ammo in Texas on all your Leupold Scope questions at 832-363-3783. Chat with us online at your convenience.

      Leupold VX-5HD Rifle Scopes on Sale:

    • VX-5HD 1-5X24 Illuminated FireDot Duplex
    • VX-5HD 2-10X42 Duplex
    • VX-5HD 2-10X42 Illuminated FireDot Duplex
    • VX-5HD 3-15X44 Side Focus Duplex
    • VX-5HD 3-15X44 Side Focus HTMR
    • VX-5HD 3-15X14 Side Focus Illuminated FireDot Duplex
    • VX-5HD 3-15X44 Side Focus Wind-Plex
    • VX-5HD 3-15X44 Side Focus Impact-29 MOA
    • VX-5HD 3-15X44 Side Focus Boone and Crockett
    • VX-5HD 3-15X56 Side Focus Illuminated FireDot Duplex
    • VX-5HD 3-15X56 Side Focus Metric Illuminated FireDot 4 Fine
    • VX-5HD 4-20X52 Side Focus Duplex
    • VX-5HD-4-20X52 Side Focus TMOA
    • VX-5HD 4-20X52 Side Illuminated FireDot Duplex
    • VX-5HD 7-35X56 Side Focus TMOA
    • VX-5HD 7-35X56 Side Focus Impact-14 MOA