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Leupold VX-Freedom For Sale

Leupold VX-Freedom Rifle Scopes For Sale Online

Leupold VX-Freedom Rifle Scopes in Stock at the Best Price!

The Leupold VX Freedom sights are the epitome of what rifle scopes should be: reliable, accurate, extremely clear, and bright. Decades of American manufacturing have been combined with unmatched optical performance to create optics that are guaranteed to get the job done, spot on, every time!

Leupold’s VX-freedom line optics are perfect for any AR-15 style rifle. Featuring Mil-based adjustments and reticles they are pre-calibrated for the .223 cartridge. These highly rated sights are made in the USA in the same building as the award-winning Leupold Mark 5HD and legendary Mark 8 series. Seven models with 12 options to choose from make the VX-Freedom series one that aims to please!

    Let our knowledgeable staff help you find the perfect Leupold Optic. Shop and browse our large in stock selection of Leupold Rifle Scopes at discounted pricing. Always Feel free to call Xtreme Guns and Ammo in Texas on all your Leupold Scope questions at 832-363-3783. Chat with us online at your convenience.

      Leupold VX-Freedom Rifle Scopes on Sale:

    • VX-Freedom 1.5-4X20 Pig Plex
    • VX-Freedom 1.5-4X20 MOA Ring
    • VX-Freedom 2-7X33 Hunt Plex
    • VX-Freedom Rimfire 2-7X33 Rimfire MOA
    • VX-Freedom 3-9X40 Illuminated FireDot Tri-MIL
    • VX-Freedom 3-9X40 CDS Duplex
    • VX-Freedom 3-9X40 Tri-MOA
    • VX-Freedom 3-9X40 FireDot Duplex
    • VX-Freedom 3-9X40 TMR
    • VX-Freedom 3-9X50 Duplex
    • VX-Freedom 3-9X50 Hunt-Plex
    • VX-Freedom 3-9X50 Firedot Twilight Hunter
    • VX-Freedom 4-12X40 P5 Dial System TMR
    • VX-Freedom 4-12X40 Tri-MOA
    • VX-Freedom 4-12X40 CDS Side Focus Tri-MOA
    • VX-Freedom 4-12X40 TMR
    • VX-Freedom 4-12X40 Creedmoor
    • VX-Freedom 4-12X50 CDS FireDot
    • VX-Freedom 6-18X40 CDS Side Focus Tri-MOA
    • VX-Freedom 6-18X40 Side Focus TMR
      • Leupold VX-Freedom Specialty Rifle Scopes on Sale:

      • VX Freedom 1.5-4X20 Pig-Plex
      • VX Freedom 1.5-4X28 IER Scout Duplex
      • VX Freedom 3-9X33 EFR Airgun Fine Duiplex
      • VX Freedom 3-9X40 350 Legend Duplex
      • VX Freedom 3-9X40 450 Bushmaster Duplex
      • VX Freedom Rimfire 3-9X40 Rimfire MOA
      • VX Freedom Muzzleloader 3-9X40 350 Ultimate Slam