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Nightforce NXS Rifle Scopes in Stock at the Best Price at Xtreme Guns andAmmo

Nightforce NXS was designed from the ground up and manufactured to Mil-Spec requirements, Nightforce’s NXS line of Rifle Scopes have been battlefield proven. All NXS precision rifle scopes are ready to function with out failure under the harshest conditions.

Nightforce’s NXS family includes both compact and full size models. The NXS compact models included the 1-4×24 and 2.5-10x, They are the perfect choice for hunting dangerous game in the bush, or running and gunning on a 3-gun courses, also on patrol. The compact NXS rifle scopes offer the optimum balance between size, weight, and magnification. Nightforce’s NXS full size models include their military small arms based 3.5-15×50, Nightforces most proven long-range rifle scope is the 5.5-22×56, and the 8-32×56 is the extreme long range scope of choice.

From the proprietary Mil-Spec bonding agent incorporated in the optical mounting package which ensures no metal to glass contact, to the hardened bronze materials utilized in the adjustment and erector tube assemblies, the Nightforce NXS family of rifle scopes define Rugged, Reliable and Repeatable.

Xtreme Guns and Ammo has NXS rifle scope available for your shooting application. Nightforces’s NXS Rifles Scopes are trusted by world record holders and the tactical community alike, Nightforce NXS rifle scopes are there when every shot counts.

Xtreme Guns and Ammo carries the full line of Nightforce’s NXS Rifle Scopes in stock, Feel free to call XGA on all your Nightforce needs at 832-363-3783