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Alpha Foxtrot 1911 S15





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Alpha Foxtrot 1911 S15 For Sale

Alpha Foxtrot 1911 S15 and AF1911 S15 For Sale Online

All new 2023 Alpha Foxtrot 1911 S15 is the worlds smallest 2011 pistol, its ultra compact design is built to be the perfect every day carry pistol. The AF1911 S15 has a high capacity double stack mag that carries fifteen plus one in the chamber, for a total of 16 Rounds. It comes with Shield arms S15 magazine included, but it will accept Glock 43 X magazines as well. Furthermore, the Alpha Foxtrot S15 has a Bob cut at rear of the grip, making extremely comfortable in the hand as well as to carry. Also, it’s DLC high polished finish on it’s 3.5 inch bull barrel and slide are extremely durable, as well as double its lubricity. Furthermore, the Alpha Foxtrot 1911-S15 is also available in a four inch threaded barrel option, perfect for use with any after market suppressor. Another great option, is its optics ready cut that is designed to directly mount the slide. This eliminates the need for a aftermarket optics plate, and allows the optic to sit closer to the line of fire. This AF S15’s optic cut accommodates the Shield RMSc Foot print, Like the Holosun 407K/507K, Sig Romeo Zero or a Shield Arms RMSc.

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The Alpha Foxtrot 1911 S15 Bob will also be available in a 2011 compensated model in the near future. Still not what your looking, Shop more Alpha Foxtrot 2011 and 1911 Pistols Online.