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Staccato C Optics Ready 2011 Pistol For Sale Online

All new Staccato C Optics Ready 2011 Pistol, featuring Staccato’s four inch bull barrel and 16 round slim double stack magazine. The Staccato 2011 C is designed with a aluminum wide body frame, that fits flush with the slide. This adds the perfect amount of counter reciprocating weight to reduce felt recoil and muzzle rise, keeping this 2011 C flat shooting and deadly accurate. Staccato went with a external extractor on the C, due to its smaller size. Its external extractor provides seamless reliability and improved durability, as well as, reduced maintenance.

The Staccato C was designed slightly larger than their Staccato CS carry pistol. Staccato wanted to make a pistol, that is small enough for every day carry, but large enough for Duty. Staccato’s relentless evolution and cutting edge design, is what keeps them at the forefront of 1911 – 2011 Pistol market. looking for a different Staccato 2011? Shop More Staccato Pistols Online.

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