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Staccato XC 2011 9mm Pistols For Sale Online

The Staccato XC 9mm Pistol is Staccato’s Flagship 2011 Race gun. Holding back all the stops on the XC. It comes with a Black DLC Island compensated bull barrel, 2.5 lb custom tuned trigger and XC lightening cuts. Also every Staccato 2011 XC comes with their all new 2022 G2 TAC TEXTURE Grips AKA “Sand Paper Grips”. This gives you excellent grip-ability and control over the firearm. Hands down this 2011 xc is flattest shooting 2011 pistol in the Staccato Pistol line up.

Xtreme Guns and Ammo is the Nations largest dealer for Staccato 2011 Pistols and stocks more Staccato Pistols than any other dealer in the country. Feel free to call Xtreme Guns with any of your Staccato XC questions at 832-363-3783 or chat with us online during regular business hours. Shop More Staccato 2011 Pistols Online.

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Showing all 4 results