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Aero Precision is well regarded as the preferred OEM manufacturer for some of the biggest names in AR 15 and AR 10 rifles. Now shooters can count on the same great products for the newest Aero Precision lineup, the AR9/EPC-9 series. This new series is perfect for the 9mm or 40 S&W AR builds. Aero’s EPC-9 is precision machined to the same high standards that are expected and delivered on every Aero Precision product. Firearm enthusiasts will find that the EPC-9 meets the extreme demands of pistol caliber blowback ARs.

Most AR shooters have handled, or owned, at least one Aero AR OEM upper or lower receiver. Aero Precision broke into the OEM firearms manufacturing business after someone in the company made a successful initial run of receivers, transitioning the company from aerospace production to firearms. Parts manufactured look different but forging, milling, finishing and QC remained the same.

Xtreme Guns and Ammo is your one stop shop for all Aero Precision Rifles and Parts. Shop the entire line of Aero Precision firearms online. You can also chat with us online, or call 832-363-3783 for answers to all of your Aero Precision questions and needs.

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  • AR15/AR9 Handguards
    *All of Aero Precision AR15 Handguards are compatible with the AR9 series.

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