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Barrels are the heart and soul of every firearm. Aero Precision’s barrels are at the top of the barrel line for rifle builds. Available in AR15 and AR10 platforms there are several types and sizes to choose from. Each barrel has characteristics that need to be considered: Muzzle Threads, Gas Port, Barrel Extension and Barrel Internals are all important factors of each barrel.

Muzzle Threads – are used to attach many different muzzle devices that include a flash hider, muzzle brake, compensator or suppressor to the barrel. The threads are differentiated by thread pitch depending on the bore diameter of the barrel.

Gas Port – is a small hole drilled in the 12 o’clock position on the barrel. The gas port directs necessary gas from the barrel during firing, into the gas block and gas tube. Gas ports also dictate which gas system the barrel is set up for. The most common gas systems are pistol length, carbine length, mid-length and rifle length.

Barrel Extension – is the part of the barrel that is threaded on, during the mfg process, at the rear of the barrel. Functions include giving an indexing pin that engages the upper receiver and it provides a place for bolt lugs to engage with when the firearm is in battery.

Barrel Internals – just past the barrel extension is the chamber where the cartridge sits in the barrel. This chamber, combined with the bore diameter, determines what size round the rifle will shoot. Past the chamber is the bore where the shell travels when the gun is fired. The series of groves, inside the bore, give the barrel it’s “twist”. Referred to as “rifling”, it imparts a twist on the projectile to provide in-flight stability.

Aero Precision is well regarded as the preferred OEM manufacturer for some of the biggest names in rifles. Most AR shooters have handled, or owned, at least one Aero Precision OEM upper and/or lower receiver. Beginning as an aerospace partner, Aero Precision got into the OEM firearms manufacturing business after someone in the company made a successful initial run of receivers. This game changing action transitioned the company from aerospace production to firearms. In 2012, Aero Precision launched a consumer side to simply sell its own Aero Precision AR 15 and AR10 products. Today Aero Precision is the largest manufacturer of Upper Receivers, Lower Receivers, Handguards, Barrels and Rifles, supplying all the major firearm companies with AR 15 and AR 10 parts.

Xtreme Guns and Ammo is your one stop shop for all Aero Precision Rifles and Parts. Shop the entire line of Aero Precision firearms online. You can also chat with us online, or call 832-363-3783 for answers to all of your Aero Precision questions and needs.

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