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DT SRS-M2 and Desert Tech SRS-M2 Bolt Action Rifles For Sale Online

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Desert Tech’s SRS-M2 model is a bullpup sniper rifle. Desert Tech offers the SRS in an A2 model as well, however, the M2 denotation refers to the monolithic receiver. Engineered from aeronautical grade aluminum, by CNC, the SRS monolithic receiver features the newly patented barrel mount that uniformly clamps to the barrel and reduces peak stress points.

Internally the SRS is a leader in air displacement. DT’s SRS cylinder holds up to 41cc of air, second only to the DT HTI. Upgrading with a variety of spring APS 13mm options is possible. Combined with the smooth action, the 6.05 tight bore inner barrel and adjustable trigger box, the SRS is a shooter’s dream. Standard on SRS models is the fast hop-up adjusting system that is compatible with standard AEG hop-up rubbers.

DT’s new SRS-M2 chassis can be purchased separately, or combined with a Desert Tech conversion kit. Xtreme Guns and Ammo offers shooters their choice with many options in stock.

Xtreme Guns and Ammo Carries a Full Line of Desert Tech Rifles in stock at all times. Call us on any of your Desert Tech needs at 832-743-6875, or chat with us online during regular store hours.

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