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LWRC IC A5 300 Blackout





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LWRC IC A5 300 Blackout For Sale

LWRC IC A5 300 Blackout Pistols and Rifles For Sale Online

All new LWRC IC A5 300 Blackout gas piston series firearms, after many years of waiting LWRCi finally release their flagship IC A5 300 Blackout platform. Looking for the Best 300 Blackout on the market? Look no further, the LWRC 300 Blackout series is the only choice.

The LWRC IC A5 300 Blackout has been released in two models, the LWRCi IC A5 300 Blackout Pistol and the LWRCi IC A5 300 Blackout SBR. Both come with LWRC’s 10.5 inch Black Nitride Treated Heavy Barrel with a two way adjustable gas piston system for Normal and Suppressed fire. Its upper receiver is mono-forged to ensure maximum strength between the hand guard and upper receiver, Also the lower receiver features fully ambidextrous controls. LWRC’s A5 300 Blk gas piston design reduces felt recoil by 25 percent it also releases all the hot gas under the handguard. This removes all the hot gasses from the upper receiver internals, resulting in a much more reliable firearm. Removing failure and cook off due to excess heat. Still not what your looking for? Shop more LWRCi Firearms Online!