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LWRC REPR MK2 and REPR MK2 Elite AR-10 Rifles For Sale Online

LWRC REPR Rifles Always in Stock at the Best Price!


The LWRC REPR 308/6.5 Creedmoor AR-10 Rifles come in two models, the LWRC REPR-MK2 and LWRC REPR-MK2 Elite. The REPR MK2 comes with a steel barrel and their flagship REPR MK2 Elite comes with a Proof Research Carbon Fiber Barrel. Both REPR MK2 Rifles come in either a Side Charge or Rear Charge option. Their REPR MK2 Side Charge is by far LWRCi’s best selling REPR Platform. Some shooters prefer LWRCi’s REPR MK2 Rear Charge because the controls are close to the standard AR-15 platform they are familiar with.

All LWRC REPR MK2 AR-10 Rifles are short stroke gas piston rifles, and come with a 20 position adjustable gas block. Their adjustable gas block allows the shooter to dial in correct gas pressure, this is perfect for silencers/suppressors and different grain weight ammunition. The Rear Charge REPR design eliminates gas blow back in the shooters face, like you normally see in rear charge rifles.

The LWRC REPR MK2 308 Steel barrel 20 inch rifle comes with a none fluted proof research steel barrel. While the LWRCi REPR MK2 6.5 Creedmoor steel barrel 22 inch rifle comes with LWRC’s cold hammer forged spiral fluted Barrel with Nitride treatment. It’s Nitride treatment doubles the life of the barrel over a standard chrome lined barrel. It also drops the barrels weight by 20 percent, while adding rigidity and improved cooling properties. Their REPR MK2 308 16 inch steel barrel rifles come spiral fluted as well.

Their LWRC REPR MK2 Elite 308 Rifles come in a 20 inch and 16 inch upgraded Proof Research Carbon Fiber. while their REPR MK2 Elite 6.5 Creedmoor Rifles only comes in 20 inch upgraded Proof Research Carbon Fiber. All LWRC International REPR Rifles come with sub-moa accuracy guarantee. If you have any questions on any LWRC Rifles feel free to give us a call at 832-363-3783 or just chat with us during our chat hours online.