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SIG MCX For Sale

SIG MCX and SIG Sauer MCX Pistols and Rifles For Sale Online

SIG MCX in Stock at the Best Price at Xtreme Guns and Ammo!

The SIG MCX is available in four configurations, The SIG Sauer MCX-R Regulator, The SIG Sauer MCX Virtus, The SIG Sauer MCX Spear-LT, and SIG Sauer MCX Rattler. Newest in the family is the SIG MCX-R is available in 5.56NATO and 7.62X39 calibers. SIG’s Virtus is their most modular weapon platform. With over 500 configurable combinations. Available in three weapon platforms, MCX Virtus Pistol, Virtus SBR and Virtus Carbine variants. SIG’s ground breaking design of the Virtus was created to exceed the harsh requirements of military trials. Every MCX is built ready for any mission you can throw at it. All MCX Virtus platforms are engineered for unmatched reliability and designed to perform well beyond 20,000 rounds, without the need for replacement parts.

The SIG MCX Spear-LT is the newest addition to the MCX line. This weapon is based on the SIG MCX Virtus, and is available in 3 models: The SIG MCX Spear-LT Pistol, The SIG MCX Spear-LT SBR and the SIG MCX Spear-LT Rifle.

The SIG MCX Rattler is their most compact design, created to be carried in backpacks and small bags. They are the perfect PDW Weapon for close quarter scenarios, and tight spaces. They are not as modular as the Virtus Pistols and SBR’s. You cannot convert them to carbines later. They strictly Short barrel pistol and SBR’s.

SIG MCX Pistols and Carbines in Stock and on Sale!

Feel free to Call Xtreme Guns and Ammo on all your SIG SAUER Rifle needs at 832-363-3783 or chat with us online during regular Chat hours. Buy SIG Sauer MCX Online at the Best Price at XGA in Texas.