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SIG MPX Pistols and Carbines For Sale Online

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SIG Sauer MPX Pistols and Carbines revolutionary design, with unmatched SIG Sauer performance. The MPX 9mm has redefined the sub-machine gun category with a new level of safety for the operator. Proven in-combat adaptability and reliability in the harshest environments. Again SIG has out done themselves with this sleek compact weapon.

All MPX Carbines and MPX Pistols are equipped with a Short-Stroke gas piston system. The gas piston system reduces recoil and virtually eliminates carbon fouling. Because it’s a open bolt design, once the last round is fired the bolt is held open. This aids in the rapid cooling of the weapon, greatly increasing it’s life span.

SIG MPX Pistols and Carbines on Sale:

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Showing all 6 results